Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Schiele Museum

I stumbled upon this little gem a few months ago and tried to plan a trip all summer.  It never happened.  So, with the school year settling in for everyone, I finally pinned down a date and invited a fellow homeschool family to go check it out.

The kiddos were happy to have friends on the trip.  Of course, who doesn't like to travel with friends?  The Schiele Museum is just about an hour from us and a very easy drive.  Definitely worth the trip if you live close by. 

A large replica of a dinosaur skeleton welcomes visitors in the main lobby.  This grabs the interest of kids as they enter.  The cost to tour the museum isn't bad.  Nine dollars for adults and six dollars for kids over four years of age.  We decided to buy tickets to the planetarium show for an extra three dollars each. 

The kids loved the large displays of taxidermed animals in the museum.  They could have spent hours looking at them.  The displays were nicely done and very informative. 

The traveling Solar System exhibit was very educational.  I loved the lights on the ceiling and the planetary displays.  The children enjoyed the MARS exhibit with the interactive hands on robotic arm.  Oh, and the self destruct button on the 'space station'. 

A delight was the live animals.  They all wanted to take home a prairie dog! 

They were amazed at the massive rock and mineral collections.  Oh, if only the gold nuggets were real and not casts! 

They were intrigued with the early human display.  Of course, this area brought up many questions.  I'm sure we will be discussing it for a while.

The outdoor area was nice.  The Catabawa village was not open, which was a disappointment.  However, we enjoyed the Stone ledge area and the Gristmill. 

We will definitely be back to see the next traveling exhibit and learn more!