Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Alamo

We decided to take the kids to San Antonio on our trip.  They both had seen the movie "The Alamo" with John Wayne and new about the battle that had occurred.  However, until you physically set foot on a site, you just don't always make a lasting connection.  I love taking the children to such things and leaving that lasting impression.  Both children were excited to see it up close and personal.

When we arrived in San Antonio at the Alamo, both were surprised how it was in the middle of everything!  Shops across the street and the Riverwalk just a block away.

The Mission of the Alamo is a sacred place.  I explained to the children that it is to be treated as a regular church building.  Men are to remove their hats and women that are wearing baseball caps or visors or hoods are required to remove them, as well.  It is just a matter of respect.

Once inside the Mission, we noted how small it actually was.  Two rooms to the left and two rooms to the right.  The main entry opens into a larger room at the rear.  At the time of battle, the roof was not in place on the main structure.  A large ramp had been built to roll the canyons up to the top.  The second room on the left was where the only survivors on the Texan side were found.  The women and children had take shelter in this room. It is so hard to fathom the fear they all must have had during the battle.  Knowing that their husbands and sons of age were out fighting and dying and what may become of them and their children in the room. 

One of the long barracks remained of the Alamo.  Inside is the museum.  Also, there is a showing of the history of the Alamo.  It was very informative and both children enjoyed it.

We finished out our visit with a stop in the gift shop.  Normally, I avoid this area, but MeeMee gravitates to them.  Of course, the children know if MeeMee is going into the gift shop, they may get something.  Once in the gift shop, I did see a nice model of the Alamo on display.  So, if you typically avoid gift shops, you may want to go in and take a look at the model.