Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting Bigger!

Samson has been with us for four weeks, now.  Boy, has he grown!  I was beginning to wander, if he was going to be a small lab, but I don't think he will.  His paws have begun to get larger and larger. He has more than doubled his size in four weeks!  Three weeks ago, he weighed 6.6 pounds.  Now he is at fourteen pounds and growing!

 Samson at 6 weeks
Samson at 9 weeks with Sally B.

His appetite is always on hungry.  I know that labs are notorious eaters and he is no exception.  His daily cup and a half serving of Canidae dog food has increased to 2 cups and he still acts starved!  He eats acorns, grass, leaves, etc. when outdoors.  His favorite thing to do is try and sneak food from Sally B and Missy's bowls.  The vetinarian recommended increasing his food intake to 2 and a half cups.  I asked about adding green beans to the food and she said it wouldn't hurt.  The green beans would give him added fiber content and maybe fill him up.  He loves his new meals with green beans!  All though, he still acts hungry and won't turn down an opportunity to eat more if given a chance.

Checking out the pantry. 

The children are not thrilled with the puppy nipping stage.  They squeal when he nips and he thinks it is a game.  The dog is easier to train than the children!  You would think, they would not squeal after knowing the dog will repeat the behavior!  Slowly, they are learning to gruffly say NO! and leave it.

 His favorite toy is an old tarp.  We make large water puddles for him to play in.

Basic obedience training is nonstop.  He comes rapidly when called and rewarded with the smallest pinch of cheese.  He knows to sit and wait for his treat.  He is responding well to crate training.  I will be happy when he can make it all night without having to go out to do his business!

It has been a while since I have had a puppy to contend with.  It is hard work, but like rearing children, it will all be worth it.  Now, if we can make it through the chewing phase, it should be smooth sailing!