Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where is the Remote?

Last night, we played the fun (sarcasm) of 'Where is the Remote'.  Normally, the game takes a few minutes to play.  However, that was not the case this time. 

Little Man had the remote yesterday morning.  His normal sprawl of all things across the sofa and the floor of the living room greeted us.  I was in a rush to get a shower, make out a deposit slip, hurry Little Man along in getting dressed, etc.  We needed to get going because we were meeting friends at 10 am. 

When we shot out the door, a few minutes after 9 am., I instinctively reminded him to turn off the t.v.  He did and that is the last we have seen of the remote.  Where could it be?

We, finally, returned home around 3pm.  I needed to get the travel trailer covered with the tarp.  (We are expecting heavy rains.)  Little Man helped me.  When we came back inside, he asked where the remote was to the living room television.  I told him I hadn't touched it.  I didn't give it a second thought, until Hubby arrived home.

So, we spend the evening scouring the house.  Pulling out sofa cushions, searching under the chairs and sofa, looking in drawers, retracing Little Man's footsteps (looking in the fridge, freezer, bathroom, etc), and still no remote!  How could it just disappear?

Little Man was sent into his room to search.  I searched Egee's room (She is at my parents.)  Hubby searched our bedroom.  No remote!

We have turned the house upside down.  We searched in the garage.  Still, no remote!

Today, begins day two of no remote.  I was hoping, that during the night, Little Man would remember where it was.   No, such luck this morning.  It has to be somewhere in the house, but where could that be?