Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Animal Connections and the Greenville Zoo

We had a special treat visit our community from the Smithsonian.  The Animal Connections truck came out to the Greenville Zoo.  One of the things I love about unschooling is the fact we can change our plans at the last minute and attend really cool things we had not planned on doing.  I quickly got the children up and called a friend to see if they wanted to go with us.  Within an hour, we were on the road and heading to the zoo.

All the way there, I was hoping that the exhibit wouldn't be just for the little kids.  I love it when we find something that is geared for all ages.  I had read the site information and it said for all ages, but you just never know.

When we got to the zoo, the kids were excited to see what the large truck held inside.  We quickly entered. (It was a school day and the exhibit was not extremely packed.)  The children learned about domesticated animals and the care they require.  There was a nice display of thing that dogs cannot eat.

We took the survey of what type of pets would work the best for us.  Dogs, cats, and horses ended up being a few that would fit our lifestyle.

The children 'diagnosed' three types of animals on the interactive veterinarian table.  They really enjoyed the interaction.

We then looked at the displays of various equipment used in veterinarian practices.  We learned the purpose of each piece.  Little Man was disgusted with the large exam glove.

We studied the display of toys various zoo animals play with to reduce boredom.

Finally, we learned about animals within the urban and suburban setting.

The Animal Connection exhibit did engage all ages.  We all learned something and had a fun time learning.

After a brief stop at the playground, we went to the zoo and saw the animals.  We love the quaintness of our little zoo.  It is landscaped nicely and the enclosures are well kept.  It isn't overwhelming for the children and doesn't take hours to get through.

We had a very educational day!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Recycling Center Field Trip

Our homeschool group went on a field trip to learn about recycling.  We learned about the centers in the area and the types of recyclable materials they take.

We all played a fun game of Left and Right.  The hostess passed out various items for each of us to hold.  As she read a story on recycling, we had to pass our items either to the left or right when we heard those words.  At the end, everyone got to keep the item they were left holding.

After the game, we watched a video on recycling and the tools and machines used in the process.

The final part of the field trip was to look at a composting site and why composting is important.

The children learned many new things on this trip.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Egee was invited to a friend's surprise birthday party.  The party ended up being a painting party.  Everyone (kids and adults) was given a blank canvas and paints.  A local artist gave everyone a lesson on how to paint three cats on a fence.  The birthday girl was so surprised and thrilled to have an art party.

We all took seats and the fun began.  The instructor was wonderful.  She explained how to paint the canvas and gave plenty of time for everyone to finish each step.

I could tell that Egee was having a blast.  She loves art!

I enjoyed myself, too.  I haven't drawn or painted in years.

We followed each step and ended up with our own masterpieces!